About Parnosa


A word from director Jonny Preston…

Parnosa is an old hebrew word meaning ‘livelihood’. My late father used the name for his commercial interiors company in the 1960s, and I always liked it.

I did my apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery in London, working on high-value refurbishments and conversions. I founded Parnosa in 2014 with a decade of practical and management experience behind me, and we have been very busy since.

If you hire us, you get me.  We only take on one project at a time. I oversee and check all work, as well as doing the bulk of the carpentry and joinery myself.

We use only trusted, qualified and insured subcontractors for anything that doesn’t fall under the broad umbrella of ‘carpentry and joinery’. For example, gas & plumbing, electrics, roofing, plastering, decorating, bricklaying & groundworks.

We can do pretty much anything you, or your architect can think of. All standard areas of carpentry and joinery are covered. It’s not an exhaustive list, but think interior alterations, loft extensions, bedroom wardrobes, kitchen fitting, bathroom fitting, door hanging, window fitting, flooring, fitted and bespoke storage (ie alcove storage), cladding, soundproofing, garden structures, skirting and architraves, loft conversions, home office,  exterior repairs and many more. We also have extensive experience of unusual and challenging bespoke work, usually through architects but also designed by me.

All jobs are planned to maximise efficiency from day one. Your home and possessions will be protected from dust and damage, materials delivered promptly, staff punctual and hardworking.

We are committed to long-term sustainability. We have close links to OrangEnergy, a renewable energy consultancy, should you have an interest in small-scale energy generation.

Jonny Preston

Director, Parnosa