Soundproof recording studio, Finsbury Park

Summary of works: Structural alterations, timber ‘room in room’ soundproof structures, joinery, cabinetry, kitchen fitting, soundproofing, glazing, acoustics. 

It was a pleasure to work with Margo at Hermitage Works Studios to expand their busy North London studio. The architect was Neil Davies architects. 

A bare commercial unit in Finsbury Park was divided up and converted into a recording studio, reception, mixing suite and office. 

A large part of the work was soundproofing the live room and mixing room: building decoupled soundproof structures using timber joists and studs that hugged the main area without touching it, clad with resilient bars and high-density plasterboard. 

Cabinetry includes a soundproofed oak window shutter, curved mixing desk in white-faced birch plywood, large bespoke cupboards, moveable racking units in white-faced birch ply.  

We also fitted a small kitchenette (not shown).